Why cannot use coupon

Check coupon conditions before use it.

Please make sure your order size reaches the coupon requirements & the coupon deadline is valid (not expire yet).

Coupon type 1. Get US$5 OFF when order size is US$70 or over.

Coupon type 2. Get US$30 OFF when order size is US$200 or over.

Coupon type 3. Get 10% OFF when order size is US$1 or over.

Why cannot use coupon?

The following 4 types of situations cannot use coupons, because we apply extra discount for them already:-

1.Combo Order (Full Cosplay category): We provide extra discount already! *http://www.cosplayfu.com/category/Cosplay+Fullset.htm


2. 70% OFF Special Offer category: They’ve already applied big discount——70% Off!



 3. Reseller accounts: Reseller members get extra discounts already, so we have already described in the Reseller Program.



4. Props: Cosplay Props will be shipped out separately and occur big international shipping cost, so we are unable to give extra discounts on them.  This is already described in Cosplay Props page.